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The introduction of an Icelandic microbrewery had been long overdue: it was nearly twenty years ago that the ban on beer was lifted, and since then big-brand beers have dominated the Iceland’s shelves. As the first (and only) microbrewery, Kaldi was founded as an alternative to the preservative, sugar, and chemical-heavy beers that are generally sold in the bars and clubs not only in Iceland, but all over the UK.

Kaldi came about following an investment in equipment and grains from the Czech Republic, along with the expertise of Czech Brew Master, David Masa. The brewery opened in the town of Árskógssandur, a small coastal town northwest of Akureyri.

While it would be cheaper for the Kaldi brewery to add preservatives found in the large brand beers, but the founders opt for quality instead. The purity of water is a huge factor in the final taste of the beers, and due to the lack of additives and preservatives, the beer has a shelf life of 6 months. Beers with preservatives typically have a one-year shelf-life, but the popularity of the Kaldi beer is growing as people become more health-conscious and aware of the benefits of eating and drinking truly natural products.



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